Do It For Mother Earth🌎

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day. Normally, this is a big week of panels, talks & events for our team. Given the global pandemic, this year is understandably much quieter.

However, we did not want to let our favorite holiday go by without a bit of celebration & reflection. Below are some of our favorite Earth Day facts, initiatives & activities.


Covid-19: Effects on Climate Change

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Cleaner oceans, reduction in carob emissions & animals reclaiming their natural habitats; the global lock-down has had a positive effect on climate control. Today in New York scientists have confirmed a 50% reduction in carbon monoxide.

Read more here.


Paris Agreement

The future is in our hands.

The future is in our hands.

Right now the United States is the only country to reject the Paris Agreement. We need our leaders to take immediate, decisive steps to save our planet. UNICEF has set up a quick form to email your local senators urging them to take action. It’s located here & takes less than 5 minutes.


Karen Thomas Better Earth Initiatives

To help reduce our carbon footprint, in the last year we have made below improvements.

  • Donated 100% of our unused fabric scraps to be re-purposed (up from 40% the previous year)

  • Reduced trims which cannot naturally be recycled to improve the end life cycle of our garments

  • Replaced faux leathers with banana skin

  • Eliminated single use plastic bottles in our office & installed an energy saving water filtration system

  • Removed all plastic from our clothing packaging

  • Added six new plants to our work-space :)

Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.


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Celebrating Earth Day at Home

Here are a few fun ways to celebrate earth day at home

  • Make a hand painting of the earth & lots of other fun crafts featured here. Perfect break for kids studying at home.

  • Buy a plant or give a little extra love to the ones you have. Bloomscape is a great resource for plant delivery.

  • Clean out your closet and send your unworn clothes to ThredUp.

  • Plant a garden or support your local garden by making a donation. Progress towards a more sustainable community starts locally. Our favorite local garden is Elizabeth Street Garden.

  • Recycle!

Think we missed something? Would love to hear your comments & feedback. Email to connect.