sustainable fabrics sourced in New York City, imported from Korea, France & Italy

Sustainable Fabrics

All cotton fabrics used are 100% cotton and GOTS certified. This means are cotton is free from pesticides and harsh chemicals.

All fabrics containing polyester are made from recycled polyester to reduce carbon footprint.

We use a small amount of leather in some of our products. These leather items are made from deadstock fabric which would be disposed of if not used. This helps eliminate excess waste from entering landfills.

Our design team frequents the remnant material markets & fabric suppliers to scavenge through piles of factory castoffs before they end up in landfills. 


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Ethical Production

We work with a woman-owned factory based in New York for all orders. Our entire staff is female and we are committed to doing our part to close the wage gap for woman & especially minority women.

All our pieces are produced under fair-wage setting and practices in New York. We have the utmost respect for our employees and factory partner. Due to their expertise we are able to cut, sew and ship an item within 5-10 business days. We are in constant collaboration with our factory and love knowing our factory’s values align with our own and that ethical practices are always being used.

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Made To Order

One of the darkest secrets of the retail world is that large quantities of unsold inventory often ends up in landfills. We eliminate this catastrophic problem by producing every order on demand.


Fast fashion’s low price points and constant stream of new items means people are buying more pieces - and subsequently getting rid of them - more frequently.

Recycling can help mitigate the negative environmental effects, but sadly only 0.1 percent of clothing that is donated to charities or take-back programs is actually recycled into new textiles.

We believe the best way to avoid these problems is to create clothing that you’ll love for years to come. Our pieces are modern but classic, multi-seasonal, and versatile enough to create many looks with just a few edited items. Our on-demand production model also means every piece is created just for you, so we can ensure everything is of the highest quality.

It’s estimated that dead inventory is costing the U.S. retail industry $50 billion every year. By only producing what’s needed, we can pour more resources into creating the best possible pieces and avoid the limitations of the traditional seasonal calendar that most of the fashion world subscribes to. We can offer you what you want, when you want it.